Reseller Hosting: What It Is And How To Start Selling It

If you have ever looked at having a website and checked out different hosting companies, then you may have noticed that their website mention something called reseller hosting. The chances are, however, that you will not know what it is, so the information that follows, including how you can make money from it, may prove to be useful.

What this term means is that you can have your own web hosting business and you sell space to people that are looking at getting their website online. The beauty of it is that you only have to deal with the selling as the parent company, the one you are working alongside, deals with all of the technical side and handles any problems that your clients may then have.

You will need to pay a certain amount each month for the hosting, but you will be given a certain amount of space, that generally equates to a certain number of customers, with you being free to charge what you want on a monthly basis. By charging people a certain amount you will then stand to make a profit and in order to start this type of business all you really need is an account with the hosting company, a domain name, and a website and you are really just good to go.

It should also be pointed out that you may be given a website as part of the package deal with the hosting company, but this does depend upon who you go with as it does vary a great deal. All that is then left to do is to get customers and this depends upon your ability to market yourself online and find people that are willing to host their website through your company. This can be done through social media, contacting local businesses or a number of other tried and tested methods and after you get the first client through the doors, then you can rightfully claim that you are one of the latest web hosting companies on the block.